Online Ordering


Make sure you call us at 204-266-2326 a week ahead of your intended pick-up date so your order will be ready for you! Exchanges or substitutions will not be allowed, as your order will be packed up and ready to go when you arrive.

STEP 1Shop our catalog to place your order.

STEP 2Wait for a confirmation e-mail to make sure we can fulfill your whole order. (We are just planting now, so we’ll be determining our inventory over the next couple of weeks.)

STEP 3 Call us to make an appointment for pick-up. You may also call (204-266-2326) or email here if you would like to change or add to your order.

STEP 4Pay for your order before your pick-up appointment. Please send an e-transfer to (make sure you let us know the password!) or call us with your credit card number and we will run that for you. Note – we ask that no cash or cheques be used at this time.

Note: A $5 handling fee will be added at checkout.

Don’t miss out on your favourite plants!
Don’t worry about taking care of your plants until you are ready to plant


We received the good news on April 16, 2020 that greenhouses are now listed as an essential service.  Therefore we will be opening as scheduled on May 1.

We will be doing everything we can to keep you as well as our staff to stay safe. We will be adhering to safe distancing, which will limit the number of customers allowed in the greenhouses at any one time. Groups of 1 or 2 only will be allowed in, and no children under the age of 16. We will adhere to disinfecting our debit machine and carts.  We also won’t be accepting cash, but E-transfer and debit will be accepted as the preferred payment method and we will still accept Visa and Mastercard.

I encourage you to place orders on line so you can receive curbside pickup which eliminates the need to leave your vehicle. This will also guarantee the items you want. You can still shop in person as there may be items you missed on line. Thank you to those you have already placed orders. Starting May 5, an online booking service will be available to book an appointment to come pick up your order.

I will be booking half hour appointments by telephone to shop in the greenhouse. This will eliminate waiting if there is a lineup. I will also have 2-3 spaces available for those dropping by who did not make an appointment. Please call me (Don) at 204-266-2326 to book an appointment.

Thank you all for your business. Much appreciated! Stay safe.
Don & Staff

Let us be your personal plant shopper and babysitter!

This year we are offering the service of placing your greenhouse order online.  This will allow you to be sure and get those favorite plants or new selections that you don’t want to miss out on.  Avoid having to shop early for those must have plants and then having to take them home and babysit them until you can plant them outside.  Leave them in the greenhouse where they will be much happier until it is time to plant them outside.  

At the moment we are saying that your order should be picked up by May 15, prior to the long weekend when it can get crazy and plants can disappear. If enough orders are received, the pickup date may be extended for another week. This will allow you to take them home and plant them immediately ( depending on the weather).  

No worries that you don’t get to pick out your plants yourself.  I will personally be picking your order and trust me, I am more particular than anyone when it comes to choosing plants for their health and vigor.  If any item doesn’t meet my standards I will set it aside and when you pickup your order you will have the choice of taking the item or having it refunded.