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* You will receive an email immediately after placing your order listing the items you ordered for your reference.
* If you need to add items, feel free to place a 2nd order, and we will adjust your bill. To change your order, please call 204-266-2326 or email
* In a few weeks, you will receive a email from us confirming we can fulfill your order. A confirmation of your order will be sent out by e-mail in a few weeks.

All orders must be picked up by May 20th.

WAIT FOR YOUR INVOICE, then pay for your order by April 17th. Occasionally some suppliers are unable to send us all our plants and we may need to make minor substitutions to your order. We will send you a complete invoice, including member discounts if applicable, in early April.
* Preferred payment method is e-transfer to
*  If you wish to pay by credit card you may call in with your # between April 1st and April 17th. A $5.00 surcharge will be applied for orders paid by credit card. 
* Alternatively, cheques may be mailed to Fryfogel Flowers, 28147 Melrose Road, Cooks Creek, MB R5M 0B9.
* If payment is not received by April 17th the order will be cancelled.

Remember to Book Your Pick Up Appointment.

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